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Ghosts In The Machine - A (mostly) 1980s cover band


As our name suggests, Ghosts In The Machine (GITM) started off with a heavy focus on The Police. While our typical set list still contains lots of Police tunes, we also play U2, The Cure, A-Ha, Squeeze, Talking Heads, Blondie, Toto, Journey, Simple Minds and many other iconic 80s bands. We will veer off the 80s occasionally - backward to Led Zeppelin or Heart, or forward to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cranberries, The Killers or Dua Lipa. We pride ourselves in combining rock energy with vocal harmony finesse.

Cranky neighbors or a small venue? No problem - we are in full control of our volume! We have zero stage volume: we play electronic drums, in-ear monitors, no amps. This means that we can play as loud or as quietly as required without sacrificing any of our rock energy. In other words: let The Police be part of your private party, not shut it down!

Rick Wilson

Guitar and Vocals

Besides being an experienced guitarist and singer, Rick is also GITM's sound guy. He has a degree in music production.

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Patrick Kent

Bass and Vocals

Patrick has the bass skills and the vocal range to impersonate both Flea and Sting.

Erin Kent


A classically trained vocalist, Erin expands GITM's repertoire to artists like Blondie, Heart, Dua Lipa, Kate Bush and the Cranberries. 

Ludvig Söderling


Ludvig has played with numerous bands in Europe and the US. In Boston he studied privately with legendary drum teacher Gary Chaffee.

Mike Turner

Keys and Vocals

As Nobles' Director of Music, Mike has extensive experience teaching and playing music. He also has the gear and the ear to emulate any sound from the 80s!

Ed St George

Saxophone and Guitar

Lifelong saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist, Capt. Ed brings the irresistible sound of the sax to GITM's 80s repertoire.

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